News Pro - Breitbart Edition App Reviews

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Go get the free one. News is not updated. If best say this was a scam!

Two thumbs up!

Clean app. No ads. Cuts to the quick.

Great app!! No ads! No Problems

Love this app! No ads!! Quick and absolutely no problems.

Content not up to date

Im not sure how this app gets good reviews. Look at the stories on and then the stories in the app. Theyre not up to date and seem to be arbitrarily selected. Theres nothing you can do to force a rethink.

Great app.

Glad I found this, no ads, just news. Terrific job.

Good hard core news

1. Doesnt seem to have any bias. (As Sgt. Joe Friday would of said "just the facts, Maam". 2. Its not Drudge or one of the sites with an agenda.


Why doesnt this app work? The only one that doesnt.

Doesnt work

Does not work, tries to download the says try later. Save your money. Rip off.


Too much of a hassle! Constantly crashes and gives the data entry error message. Others have complained if this but I ignored them. Do not ignore them, they are correct. Love the new/info when it works but it seldom does.

Does not work

This app does not load anything! All I get is an error message about trying again when there is a stable connection. I have tried it with a strong wifi connection and a strong cell connection. Makes not difference. It does not work. Waste of money.

Great content, improve software

This app delivers great news as you would expect from breitbart. Seen a few bugs with the app not loading or crashing. This can use an update. Regardless I can still read the articles

Not Worth $0.99, or Free

What a disappointment. It does not provide the latest articles, not even close. Doesnt play video content, and doesnt provide many of the features it claims in the description. Where is the real Breitbart application?

Bring back the old app!

Bring back the old app!


Love that this is another view to what is going on. Regardless of its issues, the information is still sturdy and honest. So rare to have some "truth" being said.

Always crashes

Cannot rely on this app. Never know when or what will load. Love the perspective just cannot always see

Dont Buy - does not work

Does not load anything - the app stays empty.

I want this to work so bad but...

It has yet to launch once!! Yes, it has not worked one time. PLEASE FIX!!! Geez!!!!!

Crap app!

Dont but this app! Never works - all it says is try again blah blah. Just like all the other post except for the company sponsored one. Give me a refund.


Have to give a 1star since I couldnt open to see content, which is very disappointing since Breitbart is a favorite website in our house! PLEASE FIX IT!


Was great. Now worthless. Old version breitbart news evaporated after upgrade now not on App Store. News pro which I paid for same thing. Really bad. Worse they have nothing on their website about getting it fixed.

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