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This is a total rip off. Do NOT DOWNLOAD. This is a sham. I had the old Breitbart app and got a new phone and now it’s not in the store. This app is hot garbage. I WANT THE OLD BREITBART APP: TOTAL SLAP IN THE FACE.

Love this app!

Easy to use, keeps me up to date, allows a quick peek or more in-depth coverage, my choice. I especially enjoy the fashion notes on our First Lady—which I see nowhere else!

Getting Better All The Time .

Less partisan and strident now . Great editing , on the side of fairness .

Does not allow to share articles

this application is excellent until you want to share an article and do not allow it, I hope you solve it soon.

Not your average lame stream media outlet.

Acknowledges politicians when they are right regardless of which side of the isle they represent.

Excellent news source

This app can be ‘clunky’ at times, but the content is clear and to the point. Journalism as it should be! Who, what, when, where and why... well organized by general areas of interest and well documented stories. It minimizes gossip and does a good job of exposing corruption and political patterns.

Bug fixes needed

Can not email or text articles. Needs a fix.

For libiturds

Got it a while back when they supported trump. Now they are tainted, news are all over the place and its very unorganized, rendering useless this app in my phone. You can keep my buck, you will need it more than I will #MAGA


To much opinion parading as news. Today’s Big Government offered more than half a dozen “opinions” about Trump’s ill-advised comment about several countries. So what! As a person interested in national news, I should care what celebrities opine! Why? Where are news articles about proposed policies? Why do you publish lots of ignorant comments from well-known folks that characterize policy-makers, rather than report on the policy-maker’s views or actions? As I wrote, Breitbart is offering to much opinion. Continue this practice much longer, and I will delete your app.

Zero Tolerance

I paid for the add free app and guess what received even more adds, but the good news just ordered a program OutBack Vision guaranteed to correct my vision back to 20/20

Waste of $$$

While the articles are good, you can’t post them on twitter or FB.

Crisp news

I love the perspective of course. Clear and concise news.

Great app!!

Great News platform,free from liberal propaganda!! Tell your friends!! Only con is I can’t post to Facebook from the Breitbart App,please do this issue!

Actual journalism

One of the best conservative news beat.


This is one of my favorite news app. My only issue is that it doesn't refresh. I have to delete app and reload to get the current news stories.


Easy to read, easy to navigate, loads fast, no muss no fuss. Don't mess with it, ok?

The whole Story

If you want to hear what is happening without opinion blurring the facts, sigh on.

Great News App!

Its great to get the truth finally! With the liberal left media and their distorted coverage of everything, this is a breath of freash air!

This is the most Honest and Best news

Far far the best honest news I ever read! This isn't fake news! You will not find any news better than this.. you will know everything about your senator or congressman up to...

The only news app I have

Was tired of all the other news apps - I deleted them all and just have this ONE. No fuss, I choose what I want to read. Thank you for having "Hollywood" separate- I enjoy this feature tremendously.

Well rounded conservative news

A great source of timely news with a conservative orientation.

Home screen

Add more features so I can have it as my home screen on my computer.

Intelligent and Accurate

Read it everyday

Love it.

Keep up the great work.

Easiest News App

I like the simplicity of the app and that it is mainly text instead of data-sucking, sound track-dependent videos. I can read the articles anywhere. I also find the perspectives refreshing and am impressed with the research done to support each article. Breitbart took over the top spot from Drudge in my news world.

Good stuff

Mostly not-fake news. Good source...

Awesome App

Love this. Check several times a day. Great place for news

Antidote to fake news

Offers perspectives not often heard on main stream news programs. It's a refreshing alternative to the lame pablum and hysterical fake news offered up by the much of the traditional media.

Good information

I look to this site to give reasonable prospective to the fake stream media.

Badly needed counter to mainstream media

Here you get facts and real analysis. You don't have celebrity histrionics portrayed as facts here.

Daily News

Couldn't do without my daily Breitbart!

Link to full articles results in "broken link" error

The app works for me, but I would like to be able to see more articles. The actual site has a deep history where this app loads a limited count of most current articles.

Terrific news app

Pros: solid writing, factual coverage, not obsessed with Trump conspiracy theories, but also not partisan pro-Trump when Trump is wrong (although he rarely is), no annoying ads on page, the real no spin zone Cons: lack of pulling from other conservative media outlets and think tanks, lack of new daily articles as the feed can feature news that is 2-3 days old (there is a lot of other news out there that which could bolster the currently small feed) ..... in other words the only cons are that this app isn't bigger!!! Great job guys.

A rare source for Truth

Breitbart is one of a handful of sources I can depend on for real, relevant news that gives me truth, not liberal garbage that is anti-American. While the AP is slinging mud from anonymous sources and having a tantrum, Conservatives are turning to mature sources with real names that deliver reliable news. Thanks Breitbart!

Nice app but bug in forwarding....

Works well, simple, no extraneous stuff, easy to use BUT the box-with-arrow forwarding tool crashes the app every time.

The Only Review I have ever Written

This app has the pulse of the people like no other media. I only hope to see them cover the rise of the Alt Right in a positive light or all will be lost. Best App I have ever bought!


Really enjoy this App.


Excellent way to keep informed without the Pravda-like treatment of news found elsewhere.

Great conservative news site

Keeps you up to date on conservative agendas

Hate the ADS... love the news

Sorry, until you do away with ads taking over my phone I cannot support you. I'm a HUGE FOX guy but they don't take over my devices. Clean that up for a 5 ⭐️ rating.

Great format and design

News headlines at a glance divided into categories. This is a quick way to see what's happening.

The Bomb Diggity

God Bless America 🇺🇸 and God Bless Breitbart News. The only thing that could make the app better is bringing back Milo.

Needs Reporters that can wright!

I believe the message is more truthful, but some of the text is sophmorishly written.

just what I want to read -

more video would be nice


Great to be 4 and home again and learning life's first lesson speak "Truth to Power" Be careful when U follow the masses... Sometimes the "M" z silent.🤠

True News

This is the first news I read in the morning and the last I read at night. Thank you for great reporting.

Different Take

It provides more than one side of an issue.


My favorite thing about this news outlet is that is validates all of my personal bias and misconceptions about the world!

#1 news site

So glad to have this app. Always great info without the leftist b.s.

Love Breitbart!!

Finally news that can be trusted!! No one I know listens to mainstream media anymore. Mainstream media has betrayed America by filling people's homes with tripe and propaganda. But Breitbart is one of the last bastions of truth. I read this everyday. Great app!

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